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Central Jersey Adjuster Corporation collects successfully for a variety of clients. Whether it is a local retailer, medical practice or a corporation looking to collect on overdue accounts, our 55 years of experience are incomparable. No account is too big or too small for CJA to handle. Every client is treated with the same professional courtesy. Collections are an industry that helps people find ways to pay on their accounts and is governed by the State and Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Anyone running a business is sure to have some customers that require more follow-up before paying their bill. Companies often spend too much time trying to collect money that is rightfully due to them. CJA will help you concentrate on your business rather than on exhausted accounts that have produced no income and take up your valuable time. There are no upfront costs. Collection fees are only charged on paying accounts, so if we don’t collect your money there is no charge to you. Central Jersey Adjuster Corporation can increase your debt collection, reduce bad debt and put more money in your pocket.